Getting your baby ready for a highchair!

Date: 2019.12.27

Your baby will love to sit with you at mealtimes and feel part of the family. Their eating and social skills will come on in leaps and bounds as they share this family time with you.

To make sure your baby is comfortable and safe at mealtimes, it’s important to choose the right highchair. You’ll also want a highchair that’s suitable for feeding toddlers, as your baby will grow up fast. Here are a few things to look out for:

Getting your baby ready for a highchair!

As they grow, you’ll notice that your baby will start trying to pull themselves up more and reach for things. They’re getting stronger and ready to sit up by themselves, which they’ll do at approximately 6-8 months old.

Once they’re sitting up well on their own, you’ll know it’s time to start thinking about a highchair.

Choose a highchair that grows with your baby: at first, your baby won’t be eating by themselves or will, so you’ll need to feed them at the table. Get them on the same level as you by choosing a height-adjustable highchair that you can use for feeding a toddler too.

Find a highchair that’s the right size: think about how much space you have to store the highchair. Something that folds compactly might be ideal if you don’t have much room.

Look for a sturdy harness: make sure you secure your baby in the chair’s safety harness every time you put them in their highchair.

Find an easy-to-clean highchair, preferably one with a removable tray. First dinners can be a messy business. And when they’re not eating, your toddler can use the tray for scribbling, jigsaws and games.

Get them nice and comfortable: your baby will enjoy eating with you much more if they’re comfy. Look for a highchair with a strong back and a footrest to keep their feet supported. A padded seat or cushion is ideal too as well as a reclining position for smaller children.