baby cot with handle
Details are introduced

This is a best cots for newborns which is made of pione.

All solid wood, hexagonal screw connection, stable and safe. Spray varnish, green and healthy, and retain wood lines.


Polished smooth without burrs, side guardrail has anti-gnawing bar, avoid bumps


The bottom floor can be used as a lockers.


Push hands at both ends for both people to move at the same time, if necessary, can add wheels and move at any time. This can be used in Yuezi Center, Obstetrics ward, Infant touching Center, and so on.


The size of the best cots for newborns is 120, 65, 95, and the color is clear and lacquer. Of course, we can change the size and color of the product according to your needs. Our factory is mainly made of solid wood infant furniture, including wooden baby furniture, wooden children's furniture, wooden tables and chairs, wooden cabinets, wooden shelves and so on. You are welcome to contact us.