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Advantages and disadvantages fortune paulownia wood furniture
Jul 27, 2018

The advantages of fortune paulownia wood furniture: 

  1. The fortune paulownia wood has the characteristic of resistance to rot, acid and alkali, and is not easy to wear, so the wardrobe is very durable.

   2,  fortune paulownia wood has a beautiful, delicate texture, natural patterns are particularly good,           do the wardrobe to show the appearance of good-looking. 

   3. The fortune paulownia wood  is not easy to split, but the wood is soft, easy to process, easy to             carve, easy to dye. Wardrobe words, can be engraved on its door with a variety of patterns,                   increase its decorative. 

    4. It has the advantages of smoke resistance, dampproof, infestation, and so on.

The fortune paulownia wood  furniture shortcomings:

1, the main shortcomings of fortune paulownia wood  should not have a large plate, we all know, the middle of tung is hollow So it can only be jigsaw board, then stick wood skin or be processed into wooden board to make furniture, which is different from ordinary solid wood furniture. 

2. The quality of Tongmu furniture is very light and does not accord with Chinese values. Chinese people like some heavy wood furniture.

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