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Confusion over solid Wood, Wood skin and stickers
Nov 17, 2018

    Up to now, modern wooden furniture has formed a large market pattern with diverse styles, complete varieties and complete grades. Diversification of the market in providing rich options, but also derived from the problem of mixed, the good and the bad difficult to separate. As a customer, you must polish your eyes when buying. Solid wood is used to teach less varieties and parts of materials, and precious wood rarely uses solid wood. For example, solid wood chair is more common, but generally high-grade imported beech, medium-grade with maple, birch, domestic beech, low-grade rubber wood and so on. If someone tells you that he sells an imported black walnut wooden dining chair for five to six hundred yuan, then he must be covering your chair Black walnut is mostly painted with birch, which is common in Chinese and foreign furniture industries. But in order to save interest and the original intention of harmonious matching, but modern panel furniture finishing materials, including wood skin and stickers are very commonly used, but the grade is completely different. Wood leather furniture is rich in natural texture, beautiful and durable, but relatively high price, and sticker furniture is easy to wear, afraid of water, unbearable collision, but low price, is a popular product. Some wear degree, not near the water source of furniture varieties are also mainly stickers, such as shoe cabinets, bookcases and so on.         Customers visiting furniture stores will see price signs such as "walnut" Floor cabinet, "Cherry wood tea table, beech chair" and other instructions. At this point, it is crucial to find out whether it is solid wood, wood skin or stickers. Solid wood, pasted wood can be called "cherry wood furniture" but stickers can only be called "cherry wood furniture" or it is a fish ball.

   Solid wood-wood grain, wood rays (usually "needle" clearly visible, with more or less some natural blemishes (knots, spots, black lines, etc.) the same solid wood, whether it be a board or a piece of wood, The natural connection between the longitudinal section and the cross section should be obvious between the two interfacial wood grain.

    Wood skin-Wood grain, clear wood rays. There should also be natural flaws. Because the wood skin has a certain thickness (about 0. 5 mm) when making furniture, it meets two adjacent interface, usually not turn, but stick each piece, so the wood grain of the two interface usually should not be connected. Be used to hide the sea, have to prevent.

    Sticker-Wood grain, wood ray clearly visible, even imported high grade paper, even wood defects can be copied, but with the natural wood skin is still different, appear to be false. The sticker furniture is easy to reveal in the corner. In addition, the wood grain paper will be wrapped directly at the junction of two planes due to the very small thickness (0.08mm), which results in the wood grain of the two interfaces being joined together, which is usually a longitudinal plane.

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