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The difference between South and North solid Wood Furniture
Sep 03, 2018

  The main role of furniture in modern families is wooden furniture, in which wooden furniture occupies the main battlefield of upscale consumption. However, when most people choose and purchase wooden furniture, they tend to look only at styles and panels. And other details about the quality of furniture or indifference. In fact, when purchasing wooden furniture, especially solid wood furniture, the moisture content of wood, the processing of lacquer film, the connection of tenon structure and so on are all areas that should be paid more attention to, especially when you choose wood from different places, it should be said, The moisture content of wood and the inherent quality of furniture have very big relation.

     I. Moisture is not intuitive, but it's important. The solid wood floor of oneself is not enough for a year, had cracked phenomenon, however oneself also quite pay attention to protecting at ordinary times, how can appear such phenomenon? In fact, not only the solid wood floor, some solid wood furniture, doors and windows will also appear such a phenomenon, and the most direct cause of this phenomenon is the moisture content of wood. In general, the wood itself contains some moisture, so it is well known that the wood is dried before making furniture, but drying must follow certain standards. Even if the moisture content of furniture wood is consistent with the average moisture content in the area of use. Purchasing wooden furniture Especially when solid wood furniture, if there is no professional tester, it is difficult for consumers to know whether the wooden furniture meets the prescribed standards. However, we can not ignore the importance of moisture content because it can not be intuitively reflected. Because of the difference in geographical location, the average moisture content in the atmosphere will be different.          Therefore, different regions have different requirements for the moisture content of wooden furniture. For example, the average moisture content of air in Beijing is 11.4 percent, while in the south it is about 14 percent. Specific to furniture requirements on the local average moisture content between positive and negative

      Moisture content directly affects wooden furniture, especially solid wood The quality and use of furniture, low moisture content of wood will absorb moisture in the air, resulting in the expansion and deformation of furniture; and high moisture content, furniture will face the risk of cracking. In general, wooden furniture, especially solid wood furniture, has a better moisture content than the average moisture content of local air, say, one to two percentage points. And in the market in Beijing, there are many products of wood from the south, or directly from the south produced and transported again. One can imagine that the air in the south is wetter than in the north, where the wood moisture content is higher than that in the north. So the wooden furniture in the south, especially the solid wood furniture, as well as the wood must be strict. There are two problems in this process, one is the requirement of construction technology, the other is the requirement of cost. If the coordination between the two sides fails to ensure the effective treatment of moisture content, The wooden furniture in the south is more prone to problems in the northern environment. 

     II. The selection of wooden furniture should be done in detail. 

     Although the moisture content of wood is measured by a tester, consumers can still use some simple methods to test it, for example, consumers can touch the surface of wooden furniture with their hands. If there is a sense of humidity and cold sense, indicating that the moisture content of furniture may be high. But because of the consumer, What see is the sample that puts in store for a certain time, its moisture content is already close to balance mostly, so if do not rest assured to furniture moisture content, new furniture still wants to carry on measurement through professional detector. In addition to moisture content, but also pay attention to other details.

     First of all, the tenon structure of furniture, such as table can be used to shake hands, see whether it is stable; the sofa should sit, shake, if not active, not soft, no sound, explain tenon structure is more firm. 

     Second, when buying wood furniture, do not only look at the surface paint smooth, but also feel whether the coating is thick, if the film is too thin, then the heat resistance of the furniture Ability and scratch resistance will decline. In addition, also pay attention to the edge part of the paint film, edge angle can not be straight right angle, straight edge easy to drop paint. Furniture inside the door should also brush a paint, not paint plate is easy to bend and not beautiful.  In addition, check if the furniture veneer is flat to look at the light, not flushed may not be easy to see. And the edge is uneven, indicating that the material may be wet, the edge may fall off in a few days. The edges should also be rounded, not straight at right angles. The edges sealed with wooden strips are prone to tide collapse.

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