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Future trend of Water-based paint Industry
Jun 30, 2018

   Green  wooden furniture has always been popular with consumers, but consumers may not understand the difference between oily and water-based paint. If measured by home environmental protection factors, oil paint than water paint, should enter the ranks of potential slightly or even eliminated. However, a considerable part of the domestic furniture industry furniture products are still using oily paint, why consumer safety and environmental protection requirements have not made water-based paint widely used?

    It is understood that in addition to the cost factor, a more critical factor is that in the marketing link, the advantages and disadvantages of water-based lacquer furniture and oily lacquer furniture are difficult to be identified and controlled by consumers. Originally, because of different solvents produce different volatilization, oily lacquer formaldehyde taste more, and water-based paint is basically tasteless, consumers can distinguish themselves. But industry insiders point out that if paint manufacturers use masking agents, the formaldehyde flavor of oily paint will be obscured, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish. Therefore, the high cost of water-based lacquer furniture competition but oily lacquer furniture, many furniture enterprises looking "water" prohibitive.

   But the poison problem of oily lacquer furniture is causing the attention of industry expert and consumer. In view of this, the European and American countries have already banned the furniture painting oily paint, as far as domestic, consumer environmental protection demand will eventually lead to the full use of water-based paint. If furniture enterprises ignore the choice trend of consumers' environmental protection and safety and lag the transformation, they will lack competitiveness and even lose a place in the industry market in the future. In addition, furniture industry organizations may call on the state to formulate industry technical standards for controlling formaldehyde content in furniture, and promote water-based paints as soon as possible through collective action by the industry. On the other hand, trade organizations can adopt industry self-discipline and industry supervision. To popularize waterborne lacquer.

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