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How does the new dining table and chair remove the smell of paint
Sep 11, 2017

Eat desk and chair on the smell of paint will inevitably linked with formaldehyde, because formaldehyde as a dining room paint products commonly used in solvent, formaldehyde easily penetrate into the wood, can to a certain extent, attached to the paint, so there will be more or less formaldehyde in the paint. How to get rid of the irritating smell of paint? Here are a few ways to use it!

1, ventilated elimination method: the dining-room that buys the dining table and chair furniture of newly bought is ventilated, it is well-known, the dining-room room that air convection is naturally can help the smell of paint quickly sends out. So, the new restaurant must open all the doors and Windows, the air in the room to circulate back and forth. Fresh air can clean the paint of the dining room table

2. Green plant elimination: many green plants can effectively absorb formaldehyde in paint, which can help remove the smell of paint. For example: phnom penh crane, tiger pylon, green, aloe, evergreen, etc. Put a few of such plant to put in dining-room, not only can remove dining table and chair paint flavor also let our bedroom be full of green, the method that kill two birds with one stone, why not try?

3. Vinegar elimination method: the pomp is filled with cold water, then add the right amount of vinegar to put in the ventilated room, and place on the dining table and chair. In this way, it can be used to protect the top coating surface of the wall, and absorb the odor of the table and chair.

4, activated carbon adsorption, activated carbon is a porous material containing carbon, it has a highly developed pore structure, the porous structure of activated carbon with large surface area, with gas (impurities) full access, thus giving the peculiar to the activated carbon adsorption, placed in the restaurant. It is very easy to achieve the purpose of absorbing formaldehyde. This can achieve the effect that removes table and chair paint flavour.

5. Pineapple elimination method: put a few pineapples in each dining room table and chair, and large tables and chairs can be put more. Because pineapple is coarse fiber kind of fruit, can rise to absorb paint flavour to taste again can reach the qingxiang flavor that gives out pineapple, quicken the speed that clears peculiar smell, have the effect of two whole beautiful.

6, air purifier, air purifier, also known as "air cleaner", adsorption, it can break down, or convert all kinds of air pollutants, generally including dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, decoration pollution, such as bacteria, allergens, such as air cleanliness can be effectively improved.

7. Photocatalysis: the photocatalyst has efficient disinfection properties, which can decompose or harmless the toxins released by bacteria or fungi. The degradation function must be very good. So we can use photocatalyst to degrade the degradation of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia and TVOC. This can effectively remove the smell of table and chair paint, and the effect is very good.

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