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How to choose the cafeteria table and table
Sep 11, 2017

1.Arm-chair, had the armrest, natural and comfortable a lot of, this sofa should be the type of coffee shop is many people like this kind of sofa is comfortable degree increased a lot, but the height of the desk is very short, so I want to climb on the table to get to the Internet more laborious, customer lay play mobile phones will not comfortable, also save the time cost.

2. Without armrest, single or two people go to coffee shop could you want to sit down and figure this seat, this is a more comfortable position, but this sofa whether you use a computer, or want to and the other side of the friend chat, but don't sit for a long time, the traffic was to save the time cost of coffee shop.

The dining chair seems to be nothing more than these two kinds, as an experiencer, which one would you like?

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