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How to choose the right wooden bed for 0-12 years
Jun 28, 2018

0~4 years old

A small, beautiful, practical crib is enough when the baby is born. It should be practical and safe for both the child and the parents. Even if the baby sleeps over, don't worry about falling off. At the same time, there is enough room on the bed to play on it.

When a baby is born, he should be given a special place. Metal-made beds are tough, but hard to touch, cold and hard to touch, unsuitable for babies. Therefore, the choice of wooden bed is the most ideal, both strong and mild. Natural materials, environmental protection technology design, wear resistance treatment, environmental protection paint processing, so that the wooden bed has the characteristics of environmental protection and safety; plus the rounded design, even if there are occasional bumps, it will not hurt the baby. This ensures the health of babies and provides them with a higher quality of sleep. 

So how do you choose the size of the crib? Babies grow up fast, if the bed is too small, use about a year or so will be eliminated, very wasteful. If the bed is too large to ensure the safety of the baby, so choose a bed that can adjust the length of the bed and adjust it at any time according to the growth of the baby; at the same time, the crib should have a roller and swing function. It can soothe the baby. 

4 -8 years old 

As the baby grows older and can't sleep in a crib, as a parent, it's time to start thinking about preparing a suitable crib for the baby. When choosing a child bed, you should pay attention to the following: 

First, the strength of the bed. Because of this period of children lively, active, like to jump off the bed. To this end, parents should also regularly check that the bed joints are secure, especially for the metal frame crib, where screws are easily loosened. 

Second, must choose environmental protection material made of bed. Such a bed of harmful substances volatilized less, children's health will not cause too much harm.

Third, the choice of bed for children can not be too soft. This has been mentioned above and will not be repeated. 

4 . Pay attention to the detail design of the bed . From the safety point of view , the corners of the children ' s bed are designed to be circular or arc - shaped . Parents should take full account of the child ' s aggressive nature and easily kowtow to the injured . Therefore , it is necessary to select those without sharp corners , firm and fragile children ' s bed , so as to avoid the child ' s injury .

Five, maybe buy a child's bed that can change, make your baby use his bedroom as his game paradise. The bed can be either a Zhang He slide or a double-decked bed with a climbing rack, and can be combined with desks, cabinets, etc into L-shaped, one-font furniture. Multi-purpose, multi-combination, even a lot of parents are interested in this!

8-12 years

The children of this period are not very lively and active, for them, a fully own independent space is what they need most. Therefore, when choosing a bed for them, focus on functionality and practicality. Colorful, childlike children's rooms give children a strong sense of belonging, and children's beds can also have a variety of choices; can be based on the size of the room to choose, if the living room is not large, choose a bed connected to the desk bed, The top can be made into a bed or cabinet, the bottom can make a desk, at the same time, can also put a computer, practical and beautiful. If the bedroom area is large, you can choose Choose a simple style of child bed, with a computer table, with beautiful colors for the room embellishment, will add color to the room. In the case of two children, you can also choose the next two designs of the child bed.

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