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How to choose wooden furniture
Sep 11, 2017

Wooden furniture in the furniture products accounts for more than, is the main part of the household products, but for how to choose woodiness furniture, not everyone understand, first of all, we look at some of the wooden furniture classification, now on the market use most wooden furniture for the common solid wood furniture, man-made board furniture!

1. Ordinary solid wood furniture

Average relative to annatto furniture solid wood furniture, use the white wood furniture, wood commonly used are: birch, olive wood, pine wood, rubber wood, beech, etc., the characteristics of solid wood furniture is: solid and durable, simple sense is plump, of primitive simplicity and elegant, luxurious air!

2. Artificial board furniture

Refers to by the MDF, particle board, polaroid board, wax panel, fire prevention board, man-made board furniture made of melamine plates, polaroid board, wax panel, fire prevention board, melamine plate, etc., can be directly used for cutting processing, and then assembled,

No more spray paint! And the medium fiber board, the particle board needs the sticker or the stick wood skin, then spray lacquer processing! The furniture of the former is such as office, computer, cabinet and so on, more to dismantle the structure!

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