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How to select the size of the wooden baby bed .
Jun 27, 2018

  When parents buy a bed for their baby, the first thing to consider is the size of the bed. Is not only the price factor, but also the bedroom space plays a decisive factor. So what size bed is the most suitable for the baby? Based on my years of experience in the store, the author gives the following advice to parents.


Methods / steps


  According to the difference of age, preschool baby, age 5 years old, height is less than 1 meter generally, suggest buying the baby bed between 1.2m long and 0.650.75 meters wide for its; according to the standard design, the height of this kind of bed is about 0.4. School-age children can refer to the size of the adult bed, that is, 1.92 meters in length, 0.8 meters in width 0.9 meters and 1 meter in size, so that the bed can still be used when the baby grows up.


  When purchasing double-decker beds, pay attention to the size of the upper floor. Generally, the net height between the two beds should not be less than 0.95 meters, to ensure that the space is large enough to avoid frequent contact with the baby's head.


  The choice of sleeping tools is also a matter that parents can't ignore. The children's bed is mostly wooden structure or hard spring structure. The mattress must not use too much elastic cushion so as to prevent the developing children from sleeping in the soft bed for a long time, causing the deformity of the bone development.

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