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Solid wood dining table and chair selection key points
Sep 11, 2017

Solid wood dinette from ancient times has been essential among the restaurant, even in today's precious wood is missing, the forest want to reduce the rapid development of metal dinette and the torrent can not replace the solid wood dinette Traditional status, solid wood dinette furniture because of its wide range of materials, processing convenience, color easy, natural flavor and rich by the public favorite, can be artificial reengineering, can also use the natural shape, practical and artistic performance of organic integration. Therefore, in the choice of dinette furniture, as a consumer is also a bit difficult. But we can consider the following aspects. You can master the solid wood dining table gold medal choice rule

Features: solid wood dinette furniture solid and durable, style with the carving and modeling, dyeing, paint and other different changes presented. But because of the fear of wood and insects, so living in high humidity areas, should pay special attention to the selection of high fat content, moisture resistance better wood, such as teak, linden wood, South American rosewood, etc., or has been moisture- Such as paint, moisture-proof wood furniture.

Style: almost all kinds of style dinette furniture, you can find solid wood dining tables and chairs furniture: European classical furniture style elegant, distinguished, full of charm; Italian style solid wood dining tables and chairs furniture smooth lines, design sense is still strong , But more than the avant-garde steel furniture, more gentle style; Spanish solid wood dining tables and chairs furniture can be divided into thick rustic country style and after careful paint and hand-carved gorgeous style, is very different two styles; In addition, Chinese Ming style modeling concise, elegant, but also popular with the public.

Applicable: As the solid wood dining tables and chairs are widely used in various styles of furniture, and easy to maintain, almost can be said to be suitable for any family use, but the home of preschool children or the more inconvenient elderly, should consider the safety of furnishings, And then be selected.

Maintenance: regular dust is the basic work, some wood wood is more dry, such as maple, pine, etc., should be regularly coated with soft cloth for special oil to maintain, to prevent cracking. If you use spray wax, do not spray too thick, so that solvent damage to the surface of paint.

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