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Solid wood furniture is well painted or painted
Apr 08, 2018

   Furniture with old, will appear scratch or drop paint, need to re-paint to keep beautiful and durable.At present, painting and painting are the two main ways of furniture painting.Is the furniture painted or painted?Both approaches are simple, but for non-professionals, the effect may be very different.


1.Man-hour efficiency: paint to a little environmental protection, but not as efficient as spray paint.So spray paint is more common, the area of one spray paint is several times as large as that of brush paint.


2.Color diversity: brush paint color single, poor handle, suitable for low gear furniture, and spray paint are using tools, prior adjustment of color, direct spraying.


3.Visual sense difference, spray paint because of a large area of spray, relatively uniform, and brush paint, is generally multi-process, poor smoothness.


   The reason why, paint better than brush, mainly from the effect of painting, generally speaking, paint smooth, glossy, paint its own color can play out.The biggest problem with paint painting is that it is easy to paint uneven phenomenon.In fact, if it is a professional operation, painting effect may not be worse than spray paint.However, choose paint or brush paint, in addition to the operational effect, but also to see the paint used.The effect of paint spray and paint paint is not very big difference, mixed oil or spray effect is good.Brush paint is difficult to brush evenly, spray paint is not good grasp but easy to flow hang.Painting efficiency is high, and paint brushing requirements for the process High, environmental requirements are also high.

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