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The advantage of solid wood dining table and chair is introduced
Sep 11, 2017

Whether it is inside the restaurant or home, many people choose the real wood when choosing the dining table and chair, so the real wood eat table and chair to have what outstanding characteristic and get popular favor?

The biggest advantage of the solid wood dining table and chair is the natural color of the wood grain and the change of natural color. It has the natural texture, the changeable form (such as the curved surface, the carved flower).

Solid wood dining table and chair is the home forest of modern life, green and green making process becomes the new pet that people decorate a house more. Due to the use of less glue, the environmental performance is higher than panel furniture. The solid wood dining table and chair is made of solid wood or wood board, and the surface is not covered with pure wood furniture.

Today eat desk and chair in addition to very little real wood is made of precious tree all natural wood products, such as tables and chairs furniture, for the most part is the main body or face before the main part of natural wood, the rest for the processing of furniture made of wood, man-made board characteristics is to keep the beauty of the pure natural wood texture, and overcome the wood large area USES are prone to cracking, buckling deformation characteristics, can not only improve the utilization of wood furniture and do not break decorous riches and honour. At the same time, it is different from the wood-panelled furniture made of artificial board (including solid wood section) and metal fittings.

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