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The daily maintenance measures of cafe furniture
Sep 11, 2017

The coffee shop is a good place where the white-collar workers and the collars often go to relax and relax. The furniture of the coffee shop is a kind of restaurant furniture, but most of them are more luxurious and noble. In order to give people comfort and beauty. So we should also pay attention to seasonal maintenance measures. Then our furniture will last longer! This is also very noticeable in foreign cafes.

The first want to keep the coffee shop furniture neat, everyday usable the soft cotton cloth that can be dried is wiped dirt. Do not use chemical brightener, lest paint film is sticky and damaged.

2. Try not to put it near the heat during the winter, so as not to heat the temperature and cause the local dry shrinkage to crack;

3, if it is solid wood furniture to maintain indoor air humidity cafe, indoor temperature at 25 degrees or so, maintain between 70-80% humidity, platoon is wet summer rainy season often should open air conditioning, to reduce the difference of hygroscopic and expansion of wood, avoid bulking deformation and slotted tenon structure location;

4. The location of the furniture in the coffee shop should be kept away from the areas with strong air circulation, such as the doorway, window and tuyere, and not to be exposed to direct sunlight;

5. If the furniture of mobile cafe should be moved, the furniture should be moved and not dragged, so as to avoid the loose of the whole structure of the cafe furniture.

6, for more high-grade coffee shop furniture in order to keep the brightness of furniture paint film, can crush walnuts, peel, with three layers of gauze sewing with fair and made into oil brush, annatto surface oil, then use gauze to oil polishing.

7, the cafe furniture for class wood furniture panels, in order to protect the paint film scratches, and to display the wood texture, usually placed on mesa plate glass, and in the glass with a little sucker pad between with woodiness mesa. Do not use transparent polyethylene crystal board;

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