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the difference between pine and beech
Dec 01, 2018

The material of furniture is diverse, even in solid wood furniture can also be divided into a number of tree species of furniture, beech furniture and pine furniture is a relatively common solid wood furniture. Our factory is solid wood furniture factory, production timber is mainly New Zealand pine and German beech. So today we analyze the difference between pine and beech.

So beech and pine which is better, the following to compare it?

Beech advantages: beech is characterized by heavy, heavier than most trees, durable, strong impact resistance. Beech in steam toughness, can be made into various shapes, nail performance. Clear texture, uniform texture, soft tone.

Beech shortcomings: easy to crack, kiln drying and processing prone to crack.

Advantages of pine: the authenticity of pine furniture materials, natural beauty, not too much carving, simple. Bright and pure color, flexible and breathable, easy to maintain.

Shortcomings: pine wood soft, high moisture content, easy to deform; furniture pay attention to pure natural color, need to be well maintained, otherwise easy to change color.

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