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The difference of PU paint UV paint and NC paint
Sep 05, 2018

PU is the most commonly used paint, generally divided into furniture paint and acrylic acid paint. Because the paint is self-drying, the cost of the paint is also relatively cheap. Acrylic acid paint was first used as an exterior cover for motorcycles, but now good furniture finish is also used in this way, this is baking paint. The hardness of the varnish can reach 2 H, the finish is good, the working force is strong, the sink is small, the acid resistance is strong, and the yellow surface resistance is better.

PU paint is a solidified paint, paint resin and some solvents, auxiliaries produce chemical reaction, forming paint film, because the solvent is Tianna water, its production engineering will produce this kind of incidental product formaldehyde, so it will have certain harm to the human body;

UV paint: it is a light-cured paint. Through UV irradiation instant curing. UV paint in a number of properties can achieve the effect of PE, such as hardness up to 3 H, brightness is not good.

The so-called U v paint refers to the light curing paint Pu paint. The main difference between the polyurethane varnish. U v paint and Pu paint is the difference of the process. Some light-cured varnishes also have polyurethane varnishes .U v varnishes using a light-curing process that is pollution-free and more environmentally friendly than Pu paint, which is good for the health of workers and the protection of the environment from the point of view of the process of floor processing in factories. From a production point of view, it is a new generation of products. However, for the buyer, the finished product of the floor has been processed to volatilize the solvent in its paint surface, whether it is cured by light The U v paint flooring produced by the technology or the Pu paint floor produced by the traditional technology will not cause pollution harm to the users. From the point of view of application, it is difficult to say which kind of lacquer flooring is better. The gloss of UV varnish is better than that of UV paint, but it is not absolute. It often depends on the workman's technical level and the wear resistance of both UV and Pu varnishes are very good.

NC paint is a nitro-lacquer, is a volatile paint, mainly depends on the solvent volatilized resin to form a film substance, the solvent is generally banana water, banana water production process generally produced the formaldehyde content is very small, so the harm to human body is relatively low;

American furniture, high-grade hotels are generally designated to use nitro paint as furniture paint.

Nitro lacquer has excellent handle, adhesion, surface hardness, water resistance and so on.

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