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The dimensions of different dining tables and chairs
Sep 11, 2017

Eat desk and chair we each family must have furniture, choose table and chair, besides want to see its material material, believe a lot of people are concerned about dimensional problem. Next, we will discuss the sizes of different tables and chairs for your reference.

1. A table for six people to set up the area of the bedroom

3000*3000mm - leave space for a table with a diameter of 1200mm and allow room for people to eat around the table. This scheme is suitable for the large living room, which is at least 6000* 3500.

2. Standard height of table

Table and chair (5 sheets) 750mm - this is the medium height of the table, and the chair is usually 450mm.

3. The most suitable distance between the chandelier and the desktop

700mm - this is the ideal distance for a full, uniform exposure to the desktop.

4. Table size of six people

1200mm - this is the diameter requirement for the round table.

1400*700mm - this is the size requirement for rectangles and oval tables.

5. The area of a square table with diagonal lines to the wall

180*180 square centimeters -- this is a 90-centimeter edge, the smallest area of a square table with a minimum distance of 40 centimeters from the wall.

6. The table is away from the wall

800mm - this distance is the minimum distance that includes pulling the chair out and making it easy for the person to eat.

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