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The four measures to prevent corrosion of solid wood dining table and chair
Sep 11, 2017

A lot of dining-room and family inside choose dining-room table and chair will choose solid wood, but the furniture of solid wood is relatively easy to corrode, so how should we undertake maintenance? Specific maintenance methods are as follows:

Method 1: heat proof preparation

Indoor should hang have curtain decorations, dining-room table and chair should not be direct and temporary illuminate of sunshine. In order to prevent the hot sun, the heated room, the furniture should keep a certain distance from the heater, in case the drying, rupture.

Method two: settle down reasonably

When carrying solid wood dining room tables and chairs should avoid collision, should not forcibly drag on the ground; Do not stack the solid wood furniture to prevent the appearance from being destroyed.

Method 3: regular wax polishing

Can use oily furniture wax to make a wax treatment on the appearance of dining-room table and chair on a regular basis, the appearance of a layer of protective wax, not only play the role of glazing, but also play the role of heat preservation and anti-cracking. Reasonable place of storage, should avoid collision when carrying, should not forcibly drag on the ground; Storage of solid wood dining room tables and chairs should not be stacked to prevent the appearance of damage.

Method 4: moisture-proof measure

Solid wood dining room table and chair deformed after damp, open glue, depaint, should arrange should with metope or furniture and furniture to insist 5-- 10 centimeters distance. Such as temporarily closed indoor ventilation, especially in the moist air area makes dining room mildewy, cracking and paint, clean furniture application soft dry cloth to wipe furniture and prevent to use wet cloth, or in the wood shop appearance, put the wet clothes, towels, etc. Clean the room when the water mark should be dried in time, the water mark long stay in the wood appearance can cause wood surface to decay, drop paint or fade etc.

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