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The function of Wooden Furniture spray paint
Dec 06, 2018

The natural texture of wood is loved by many people and made into furniture. Sometimes, even if it is not painted, it has a natural beauty, like moving a big forest into the home to make it more natural. However, most of the time we paint wooden furniture, why not keep the natural color of logs?

Although the original wood color is good, but paint is to solid wood "love care", even if only a layer of varnish.

1. Protection of wood

The first advantage of painted  wooden furniture is to protect wood. Wooden furniture wood hardness, so easy to grind out smooth and warm feel, touch such as jade. If exposed directly, it is easy to be scratched or worn, especially in the family with bear children, the unprotected child on the solid wood furniture to play his artistic talent, paint is equivalent to the solid wood furniture wearing a layer of armor.

2, enhance the aesthetic sense

The second advantage of lacquer is to put a beautiful coat on the furniture. Even if it is the same wood, there is a slight color difference, like a small flaw on a jade, which, though not "fatal," makes it less artistic. Paint can make color more uniform, more transparent, let furniture like a piece of art, more pleasing to the eye.

3. Prevent deformation and cracking

The third advantage is to prevent wood from deforming. Moisture content has a great influence on the stability of wood. If there is no paint, the wood can still seep out or absorb moisture, which can easily lead to furniture deformation, and sealing the wood surface with paint can prevent the external moisture from rapidly infiltrating into the wood. Also can prevent the internal moisture excessive evaporation, ensure that the wood does not deform, each piece of furniture need to brush over the paint, to ensure that the wood and the outside world, to maintain the long-term deformation.

4. Antioxidation

The fourth advantage of lacquer is to make solid wood furniture old and new, more and more use the gloss. If logs are exposed directly to the air and are susceptible to corrosion and oxidative discoloration, you can replace the cut apples with your own brain. After a period of time, the logs are oxidized and yellowed. The logs are the same. After lacquer, the wood does not have direct contact with the air, will forever preserve the fresh wood color.

5. Maintenance

The fifth advantage is a more delicate feel, easier to clean and maintain. No matter how finely polished, it is impossible to seal wood ducts, which tend to be a source of dirt that is difficult to clean, and painted as a layer of isolation frost to insulate the exterior of the furniture. After lacquer, the catheter is sealed and filled, and a lightly wiped rag can be cleaned.

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