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The importance of choosing Children's solid Wood Furniture
Aug 29, 2018

Do you always hear people say that children's rooms are better to choose solid wood?


Small editori to give you today selection of solid wood furniture necessity and importance.


More harmful substances in plates


At present, most of the children's furniture on the market only indicate the content of formaldehyde, and for benzene, the detection of heavy metals almost No.


-formaldehyde pollution is the main cause of the increase in asthma in children aged 3-5 years. Long-term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can lead to chronic respiratory diseases, eye diseases, memory loss, and heart disease in children.


Benzene has a paralytic effect on the central nervous system, causing acute poisoning. Long-term exposure to certain concentrations of benzene can lead to chronic poisoning, headache, insomnia, mental malaise, memory loss and other neurasthenia symptoms.


And some test reports only contain the harmful material content of the plate, but do not contain the harmful substance content such as paint, when we choose the furniture of children's room, we must polish the eyes!


The brighter the paint color, the higher the lead content.


Non-solid wood planks tend to require more paint, and the more brightly colored the paint, the higher the lead content, which is mainly caused by lead compounds contained in paint pigments, such as yellow, red and white, etc. Can keep the paint color bright, is the main source of lead pollution in children's rooms.


-lead poisoning can damage various systems and organs of the human body and is irreversible to children. In the body, the more active parts of the blood circulation, such as the brain, liver, kidney, the more likely to accumulate lead, causing damage. After lead has caused damage to the nervous system, children are prone to be distracted, affecting their intellectual development, etc. In the digestive system, it will cause the child's appetite to decline, and even lead to abnormal and partial eating. In the respiratory system, the child often catches cold. Cough, but not cure for a long time; of which, the greater impact on the child's reproductive system harm, the reproductive system is likely to decline. Lead absorption in infants and Children The rate is as high as 53, about five times that of adults.


So we decorate the children's room as much as possible to choose light color.


Advantages of solid Wood Furniture


1. Solid Wood Furniture is more environmentally friendly


In the plate, the environmental protection level from low to high are: medium density board, particleboard, big core board, plywood, laminate, agglomerated wood, solid wood.


2. Solid wood furniture contains less harmful substances


Solid wood itself does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The amount of glue used in the manufacture of solid wood furniture is very small. The amount of glue used affects the content of harmful substances in furniture.


3. Solid wood furniture is more durable


Solid wood furniture than plate furniture can bear more weight, can repeatedly paint, solid wood furniture life is more than 5 times board furniture.


4. The wood grain of solid wood is more beautiful


The beauty of solid wood also lies in its wood grain. No piece of wood has the same grain, and the solid wood is more plastic and can be carved into different carvings for decoration.

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