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The possible safety of wooden baby cot and bed guardrail
Oct 22, 2018

Category I: hidden dangers on guardrails

1. Do not buy a crib over 5cm with four corners of the railing protruding!

2. Do not buy cribs with a barrier gap greater than 8cm!

3. Do not buy cribs with guardrail height below 50cm!

4. Do not buy a pull-down sidebar crib!

Crib guardrail is the most likely safety hazard. When parents choose, it's best to bring your own gauge and measure these key numbers: fence gap, fence height. The guardrail gap is too large to hold the baby's head too small or to clip hands and feet as well as to affect sight; the standard fence spacing should be 8cm or so. Guardrail height should not be less than 50 cm, lest the baby a little older after turning out of bed. Note that the height of the balustrade here refers to the distance from the bed board (with the mattress surface) to the crossbar.

Four corners of the railing protrude, easy to hook baby's clothes, or hit bruises. Nowadays, most cribs can be removed from one side of the guardrail, but be careful not to choose the pull-down sidebar. If the press is not tight, the baby will be clamped.

Category II: hidden dangers in workmanship

1. Don't buy a crib with burrs and horns!

2. Do not buy a crib with a hollowed-out design on the form!

3. Don't buy a baby without a stick!

The craftsmanship of crib is very meticulous, any burr, sharp angle can harm the baby; so, when you choose and purchase, check carefully, eye fire eyesight. For the sake of beauty, some cribs will be hollowed out on the bed board or railings, which will easily arouse the baby's curiosity to poke, may clip the baby's fingers or toes.

In addition, the 6-month-old baby began to grow teeth, holding anything bite. The crib should have a fixed bite-proof strip to prevent the baby from gnawing away paint and wood chips from the bar. Prevent baby from gnawing, can also install a bed to the baby, make the bed more comfortable and safe, and can be removed and washed, also very convenient.

Category III: special design pitfalls

Cannot lock two or more casters at the same time do not buy crib!

The four feet of today's crib are basically equipped with sliding wheels for easy movement. However, it is important to note that the pulley should be fixed without moving the crib, so that the bed does not move casually. If the crib cannot lock two or more casters at the same time, the older baby will move on its own, driving the bed to move, prone to danger.

Category IV: bedding hazards

1. Do not buy mattresses and bedstead links that are not tight!

2. Bed and bed between the existence of 5-12mm dangerous seam do not buy!

The choice of mattresses should not be too soft, is not conducive to the normal growth of baby bones. And the size of the mattress and the small mattress tightly combined to prevent the baby probe out of the clip. Also do not leave 5-12mm between the bed and bed between the seam, easy to clip to the baby's fingers and toes.


The average life span of a wooden baby cot can range from 2 to 6 years. Consider buying a product that is disassembled and assembled into a crib, which is both environmentally friendly and economical.

In addition, considering the baby grow up day by day, bed board is best adjustable height, if the baby will stand, the bed height is lowered, so that you can avoid the baby out of the railing.

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