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The solid wood dining table and chair have which distinguishing feature
Sep 11, 2017

We are the most common in the dining room, so why do so many restaurants choose real wood dining tables and chairs? Specific reasons are as follows:

1. The wood utilization rate is high, the solid wood dining table and chair conforms to the principle of raw material ecological utilization. So in terms of use and texture color, solid wood plywood decorative board is more suitable for the use and decoration of furniture.

2, although the amount of sheet solid wood puzzle glue than solid wood puzzle, but due to the double coated surface protection of thick veneer, and quadrilateral thick veneer edge banding only two sides actually eight glue line, so solid wood puzzle in adhesive glue line through volatile chemicals is far lower than solid wood puzzle wide and solid wood line, the amount of volatile, greener, healthier solid wood chair for restaurant.

3. After the solid wood dining table and chair are painted, there is no glue seam and strip on the surface, and the physical performance is relatively stable during the long term use.

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