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Tips for choosing a baby cot
Sep 11, 2017

Use a harder mattress

For the sake of safety, it is necessary to ensure that mattresses are attached to the bed to ensure that they are solid. There should be no gap between the bed and the mattress, but follow the 'one finger principle.' if you can put two or more fingers between the bed and the mattress, the mattress is too small. A mattress that is too small or too soft will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, getting stuck or choking.

Babies and parents are users

The guardrail height of crib should be above 50 centimeters, the child of this time love move and station is unstable, unafraid, special danger. Make sure the gaps in the bed are less than 6 cm. More than that, it's possible that children are stuck in the middle. A bed that makes it easy for children to see out of the bed will make them more communicative and comfortable with you. The height of the guardrail should be adjustable so that it is not too hard for parents to bend over to hold the child. The position of the bed board also needs to be adjustable, the child can stand after, can adjust the bed board lower, assure safety.

Make sure the bed is safe

The crib often needs to be raised and lowered, so check regularly whether the crib screws are loose or missing, and the stents and other hardware are stable. It's important to nip in the mouth when a baby likes to bite when it comes to teething. It protects the baby and protects the bed from being chewed. When buying, check that the railings can be moved easily and smoothly without making noise. Wooden children's bed should choose hardwood, such as maple, ash, beech, or oak, with safe certified paint coloring. The surface of the crib should be smooth, without sharp edges, points and rough surfaces. Try not to choose a bed with a raised carved flower decoration, because it is easy to hook the child's clothing, when the child tries to break free, there may be a collision injury

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