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Why does solid wood furniture sell expensive?
Jul 06, 2018

 Because why are they rising!

Nearly 2 years, many consumers are saying furniture "expensive", especially solid wood furniture! In fact, the existence of every thing has its value, the expensive things will bring people greater value.

Everyone familiar with economics knows the rule that value determines price. And the solid wood furniture "expensive", naturally is also valuable in its value.


Material selection, technology determines the value, not all solid wood furniture is priceless, but the quality of raw wood must be the basis for determining value.


A piece of solid wood furniture is mined from logs (currently almost entirely imported) to raw materials, drying, carving, polishing, painting, assembly, packaging, sales logistics, home installation, almost 80% of all manual labor components, so with the rise of labor, The price of furniture will rise again, and it will be a corollary.


Therefore, consumer friends do not always feel that furniture is expensive in the heart do not accept, in fact, these extra money to buy brand trust, but also to their own healthy life protection.


No profit, no service! This may sound a little overbearing, but it is a truth. Sufficient profit allows customers to enjoy better pre-sale after-sales service at major stores.


Now many furniture brands have already implemented "three guarantees", that is, the defective furniture product warranty package is returned and replaced, and some enterprises that have confidence in their own products dare to promise their customers three years of warranty and life-long maintenance. And this attitude to the product is exactly what the company gets in exchange for profits.


Profits can improve an enterprise's management system so that consumer complaints are no longer "kicked the ball" or sunk in stone. Nowadays, many enterprises have promised to respond to customer complaints within 24 hours and solve customer problems within two to three days. This is because companies have enough profits to support such a large system.


Therefore, on the other hand, the enterprises that have been fighting for prices are not long-term. They do not have profits, they cannot upgrade themselves, and there is no way to push better products to customers. The price tag is also the embodiment of the shortsightedness of enterprises. The continued low-price war will only lead to the gradual elimination of enterprises.


Perhaps from the consumer's point of view, factory production is into batches, to each product itself cost is not much, but the actual furniture production cycle is long, manual composition is large, in fact, the proportion of labor costs is not light.


Some people may ask, "if the price is high, is the quality sure to be trustworthy?" In fact, the high price of solid wood furniture quality, although not guaranteed to be 100% good, but the quality of low prices will not be good. For example, can you buy an 800 yuan Apple phone? $2000 Rolex? do you dare to buy a $2, 000 Rolex? We believe that the market is never the price, but the value!


To give you a simple example of steel and cement, can you build your own house? I'll give you a scalpel. Can you cut out the tumor yourself? Certainly not, so the costs of furniture made from the workers' time, energy and experience are certainly not negligible.


Now, all kinds of industries are shouting about environmental protection, and raw material manufacturers are increasing prices one after another, thus directly affecting the development stability of the whole industry chain upstream and downstream. The sudden surge in materials has made it difficult for many small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers to recruit, which is not difficult to understand. The price of the product itself contains all the costs, and the increase of the cost will directly affect the price of the end consumer market.


So the reason why brand solid wood furniture is expensive, behind the natural bear more "expensive" environmental inspection, quality inspection, service inspection.


The times are changing, the consumers are changing, the consumption structure is changing from the survival consumption to the development-type consumption, which means that the function of furniture is no longer simply used as "furniture". It has become a tool that reflects the taste of the user.


What furniture itself provides is a kind of life function, as long as can satisfy the use of function OK, but why still have a lot of consumer to want to see brand?


In fact, in addition to enjoying the spiritual satisfaction of a brand, it is more of a guarantee of quality and service, and this is bound to be an important link in determining prices, because the brand not only represents quality, professionalism, and environmental protection. More on behalf of comfort, health, cost-effective. In short, there is a reason why you are expensive!


If the manufacturer only pursues profit simply, it can be completely eliminated by reducing the cost. For example, there are many furniture manufacturers who will do the "robbing factory", "factory buying day" and other group buying activities.

Buy furniture free lucky draw ah, send you a little household appliance again, rice, oil, these compare to the price of a set of furniture are all not worth mentioning, perhaps behind will also appear logistics slow, hand furniture quality is different, after-sales service nobody manages and so on malpractice.


Perhaps some consumers think that there is no need to spend too much money, and that things can be used. It is just a piece of furniture that can be made cheap. If it does, your furniture harmful substances exceed the standard. The quality of your furniture is not up-to-standard problems, how to talk about the health of the family, how to talk about a healthy home living environment.


Home is our most relaxed place. Chinese people have a warm and harmonious pursuit of the family environment. Furniture is the most frequently used item in the home. The higher the frequency of use, the more safe it is to ensure quality, so the more brand furniture is used, Price includes human body engineering and exterior design, enterprise's pursuit of quality and environmental protection.

Similarly, furniture as durable consumer goods, low repeat purchase rate, slow return of funds, only a reasonable profit can make a furniture brand enterprise has a longer term development, production of better products.


Therefore, the author would like to advise the broad masses of consumers that furniture is durable consumer goods. We should see each day at home and use it every day. Consumption still needs rational treatment. Buying furniture is a long-term consumption behavior. Good solid wood furniture life cycle even longer than the family decoration life! A penny and a penny can never be wrong!

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