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Wood products national standard
Aug 23, 2018

 Floor     GB/T15036.1-2001

 solid wood flooring Technical requirements     GB/T15036.2-2001

 solid wood floor Inspection and test methods     GB/T18102-2000

 impregnated paper laminated wood floor    GB/T18103-2000

 solid wood composite floor     LY/T1330-1999

 antistatic wood flooring      LY/T1573-2000

 bamboo flooring wooden furniture    GB/T3324-1995

 wood furniture Technical conditions    QB/T1951.1-1994

 wooden furniture quality inspection and quality      QB/T2383-1998 

 dining table chair        QB/T2384-1998

 wooden writing table      QB/T2385-1998

 furniture, dark and precious hardwood furniture     QB/T3658-1999

 wood furniture tolerance and matching      QB/T3659-1999

 wood furniture shape and position tolerances       QB/T3660-1999

 wooden suitcase wooden parts sectional dimensions for      QB/T3913-1999

 furniture (original) GB3329-1982)      QB/T3916-1999

 desks and chairs (formerly GB10356)       GB/T7284-1998

 frame wooden box      GB/T7285-1993

 packing terminology wooden container      GB/T10819-1989

 wooden chassis      GB/T12464-1990

 ordinary wooden box     GB/T13144-1991

 packing container bamboo plywood container     GB 190-85

 dangerous goods wooden box packing mark      GB 191-85

 wooden box packing mark Shipping image mark     GB 6388-86

 transport wooden box packing receipt shipping mark      GB 5892-86

 Radiation sensitive materials transport wooden box packing graphic symbol   GB 4768-84

 anti-mildew wooden box packaging technical requirements    GB 4879-85

 anti-rust wooden box packaging     GB 5048-85

 moisture-proof wooden box packaging     GB 7350-87

 water-proof wooden box packaging technical conditions     GB 9174-88

 general freight transport wooden box packaging technical conditions     GB 8166-87

 buffer wooden box packaging Design method     GB 4122--83

 general term for wooden box packaging     GB 5035--85

 wooden box packaging machinery terminology     GBT 72

 Terms for packing containers of wooden boxes other wood products-general technical   requirements for       GB14101-1993

 wood fire-proof doors      GB/T14530-1993

 book supplies wooden catalogue cabinets-Technical requirements for reading tables and   chairs of    GB/T14531-1993

 book supplies-Technical requirements for GB/T14532-1993

 book supplies-wooden bookcases, Technical requirements for drawing cabinets, data   cabinets         GB/T14533-1993

 books, supplies, equipment, wooden bookshelves, periodical shelves, technical   requirements         LY/T1060-1992

 refined sanitary chopsticks Sub type (A, B type)       LY/T1159-1994

 wood toothpick     LY/T1512-1999

 ordinary chopsticks       (original ZBY89003-1989)


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