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The Best Art Easels For Children
Jan 18, 2018

    The best art easels for kids do not always have to be large pieces of furniture and take up a lot of space. Art easels are not just a playroom decoration. There are so many reasons why kids benefit from being creative, using their imagination and drawing on easels with crayons, markers, pencils and paint.

    While many families choose to turn a whole wall into an easel in the playroom, there are also great tabletop and lap easels that can be folded making them a great travel toy. 

    Easels do not just give kids a special place to draw, but writing, drawing and coloring on an easel can help children develop a good grasp on their crayon, which they will need to for handwriting when they are in school. This is because an easel offers children a vertical surface to write on. See there is a reason why kids like to try and write on the wall! When children write on a tall, straight surface it naturally encourages the fingers to come together when their wrist is extended back. This simple idea helps children develop strength in their arms, and a more controlled pencil grip they will use when writing on paper with a pencil in grade school.