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Wood Cabinets

  • Beech Night Table

    Beech Night Table

    The beech night table is made of beech, the plate is thickened, strong and durable, the surface is sprayed with varnish, and the grain of beech is preserved. A very suitable night table, simple and generous design, meticulous workmanship, corner processing, the size is...Read More
  • Natural Wooden Cabinet With Four Drawers

    Natural Wooden Cabinet With Four Drawers

    Our factory was founded in 1990, has nearly 30 years of R & D production experience. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000.FSC ,ICS certification. And many times by the local government awarded a number of honors. The company mainly produces solid wood furniture, including...Read More
  • Wooden Kitchen Storage Cabinet

    Wooden Kitchen Storage Cabinet

    Product Advantage of the wooden kitchen storage cabinet: This is a solid wood kitchen locker, very durable. 2. The top is white tiles, not afraid of oil pollution, easy to clean. 3. Small size, uneven size of three drawers, novel design . 4. Drawers vary in size and can be...Read More
  • Wooden Storage Cabinet

    Wooden Storage Cabinet

    Product Advantage of the wooden storage cabinet: 1. There are three large drawers in solid wooden lockers. Storage can be classified. 2. Solid wood, durable. 3. You can put it in the kitchen or in the living room. Take it easy and return your tidy space. Product parameters of...Read More
  • Wooden CD Rack

    Wooden CD Rack

    Product superiority of the wooden CD rack: The ten drawer's wooden CD rack, high and narrow design, is next to the stereo, convenient. 2. Solid wood is strong and durable. 3 . The wooden CD rack can also be used to store files and so on. Product parameters of the wooden...Read More
  • Pine Wood Nightstand

    Pine Wood Nightstand

    Product Advantage of the pine wood nightstand: Pine bedside table, small structure, spray red brown paint. The boards are widened, thickened and durable. Two drawers, sort of small things, easy to take. Metal drawer slide, smooth and quiet. Product parameters of the pine wood...Read More
  • Wooden Cabinet With Changing Table

    Wooden Cabinet With Changing Table

    Product Advantage of the wooden cabinet with changing table: This is a white locker, with three drawers, large storage space. Storage can be sorted. There is a diaper table at the top to change clothes and diapers for children. Ambry high 83, adult standing change diaper, do...Read More
  • Wooden Armoire

    Wooden Armoire

    Product Advantage of the wooden armoire: 1. Solid wood wardrobe, solid wood, healthy and environmentally friendly, and durable. 2. Three doors, large storage space, easy to take and put things. 3. There is a pole on the right, so you can hang up and put your clothes. There is...Read More
  • Pine Cabinets With 3 Drawers

    Pine Cabinets With 3 Drawers

    Product Advantage of the pine cabinets with 3 drawers: Solid wood lockers, the surface after many times polished, smooth no burr. Spray environmental-friendly non-toxic paint. 2. Three large drawers with large storage space. And can be classified storage. Each drawer has two...Read More
  • White Wooden Armoire

    White Wooden Armoire

    Product Advantage: White wooden armoire is made of solid wood, sturdy and durable,it has two doors and a drawer . 2.Double doors, each side of the white wooden armoire has two panels, space divided into three sections, six spaces classified storage. The partition distance can...Read More
  • Storage Cabinet With Glass Door

    Storage Cabinet With Glass Door

    Product Advantage: 1.This is a storage cabinet with glass door , two side glass doors , three middle drawers , can be placed in the living room , can also be placed in the kitchen bowls and chopsticks . 2.This wooden storage cabinet with glass door is solid wood with strong...Read More
  • Wooden Cabinet With 4 Drawer

    Wooden Cabinet With 4 Drawer

    Product Advantage: This is a drawer locker with three large drawers and two small drawers. Large storage space, and can be classified storage. Drawer slide is smooth and durable. 2.There are two wooden strips on the side, strong and beautiful. 3.The surface is smooth and...Read More
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