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Wooden Baby Fence

Wooden Baby Fence

Product name : wooden baby fence Place of Origin : Shandong, China Material : pine Color : natural Size : 65(W)*75(H) MOQ:500pcs Certification : FSC, ISO9001:2000, ICS Usage : Indoor/Outdoor Keyword : Baby safety gate/pet safety gate Delivery Time : 40 days after payment Security wooden baby...

Place of Origin : Shandong, China

Material : pine                                                    Color : natural

Size :   65(W)*75(H)                                            MOQ:500pcs

Certification : FSC, ISO9001:2000, ICS                Usage : Indoor/Outdoor

Keyword : Baby safety gate/pet safety gate      Delivery Time : 40 days after payment

Security wooden baby fence, multilateral combination.

Take care of the baby to separate body fatigue, but still have the housework that does not finish, how to do?

Home has a wooden baby fence, liberate mother's hands. Let the mother free hands, reduce the baby's dependence on the mother. Build an independent space to prevent babies from crawling around and shape their playgrounds. Protect the baby from accidental electrocution, scalding, collision wrestling. 

Security wooden fence. Mom bought the right one?

Natural guardrail, choose pine environmental protection no harm, scientific spacing, will not cause harm to the baby. The same length size, can be self-assembly according to user needs, rectangular, square, hexagonal.

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