Paint furniture maintenance

Date: 2019.06.13

Avoid direct sunlight: brushing after drying the furniture, do not put in direct sunlight window or door, ultraviolet irradiation furniture paint, wood paint will lead to dry powder paint. The paint furniture should be placed in the sunlight, avoid long time exposure. If the furniture really needs to be placed in the window, you can with ultraviolet shielding curtains.

Avoid contact with high temperature items and high concentration chemical reagents: high temperature items such as boiling water cups, hot rice cookers and other high temperature items should not be in direct contact with wood lacquer and lacquer, away from heat sources such as stoves and radiators, otherwise the surface will be heated and cracked, and the paint film will flake off. At the same time, furniture paint film should avoid contact with high concentration of chemical reagents, such as hydrochloric acid, diluent, etc.

It is not advisable to place porcelain, glass countertops and other objects directly: if porcelain and glass countertops are to be placed on painted furniture, they should be placed carefully and bumped, and cotton tablecloths should be laid below. Instead of laying paper or plastic film directly, the paper or plastic film will stick to the film and destroy the integrity of the film.

Beware of hard object collision and knife carving: when moving furniture, pay attention to light lifting, avoid touching lacquer, at the same time, if there are children in the house, take good care to prevent children from scratching furniture with knife, Otherwise, it is easy to cause hard damage to the paint film. The damage is difficult to repair and can cause the paint film around the wound to expand the skin.

Every few years rebrush wood lacquer: every few years, it is best to use the same type of wood paint to brush again, to keep the room furniture paint film often new, durable.