How to choose a crib?

Date: 2019.08.19

As everyone knows, the baby bed is the baby bed rest place, it is of importance as can be imagined. When the baby new parents in the selection of the crib for the baby, in addition to the problem of comfort considering the baby sleep, but also consider the safety of the baby's bed. The baby bed is to protect the baby's special small bed, can for less than 3 year old baby safe, comfortable bed, and some of the games and the role of the cradle, so, as a new father a new mother, you know how to pick the baby's bed?


Nowadays the baby bed style is varied, the function and the price is also very big difference, when the choice must pay attention to the safety and the practical union principle. The baby bed also has some safety hidden dangers in the use, the parents should give the attention. Remove hidden dangers in time. For safety reasons, it is necessary to ensure that the mattress and bed fit, ensure that it is strong. There should be no space between the bed and mattress, can follow the "one finger principle". If you can put two or more fingers between the bed and the mattress, that means the mattress is too small. Children spend the day sleeping and playing in the crib. Because of the frequent changes Use the method, so whether the crib is easy to adjust is the key. Let's see how to buy it.


Baby bed purchase-from safety


Safety check: 1, crib guardrail should be more than 1250px, because when the baby grows up, will love station, love move, love station, but sometimes stand unstable, in order to ensure the safety of the baby. The guardrail should be above 1250px. 2. Check to see if the railing gap in the crib is less than 2.88 centimeters. If this gap is exceeded, it may cause your baby to be caught in the middle. 3, bed board and bed body. The gap between the guardrail and the head of the bed should be less than 6 mm. If it is greater than 6 mm, it is easy to clamp the baby's body part. 4. Check the inside of the crib for any raised screws, any gaps in the bed surface, or It's a sharp edge.


crib purchase - departure from material , quality and service life


Materials: generally made of pine, hardwood, such as maple, white wax, beech or oak. Generally speaking, choose hardwood as the main, more durable. It is best not to color the good. Buy solid wood type, if you really want to buy a colored crib, also want to see its varnish paint, whether there is a safety certification. Also see its coloring, is it even? Finally, see if the crib has a bad smell. Quality: when choosing a crib, see if it is durable and firm. Also check wood, metal, plastics, etc., to make sure they don't break. Split open. Test whether the railing is easy to get on Smooth movement, no noise


Buy crib-Wheel, style, size, firmness


When buying a crib, you must pay attention to whether it has a brake device or not, and see if the brake device is firm. The style varies from person to person, and everyone has different aesthetic standards, different colors, and different styles. That's even more different. In a word, from the point of view you like. Buy your baby a crib for your baby. The average crib size is made according to international regulations. Of course, if your room is large or small. Can be customized by the size of the crib. General advice, there is no need to customize, you can buy can adjust the length of the crib bed. However, you should pay attention to whether it is firm and strong Some cribs can swing back and forth, and you need to pay attention to the sloshing of the sway.


Buy crib-what determines the price of crib


There are many factors that determine the price of crib. The following points are introduced:


1. Wood costs: different types of wood, with prices several or ten times different, and the length of wood being the main factor of the price. The difference between the price of the same lumber long material and short material is about double. Therefore, the European or American bed uses more long materials, the price is relatively high, the Chinese baby bed has more short materials and more scrap, so the price is cheap;


2. The price difference between solid wood and plate is very large, some plates are allowed to be used in crib, and crib is allowed to use the grade of E0-E1;


3.man-hour cost: plate and solid wood are not only the price gap, but also the plate processing is simple, the working hours used are less;


4. Surface lacquer: NC paint, water-based paint, wood wax oil, price difference of several times to several times.