Details are introduced

Painting can promote the development of children's imagination, promote brain development, and release the nature of children. Having a good and suitable drawing board can allow children to paint freely and become good teachers and friends in the process of children's growth.

Art kids easel is a solid wood drawing board, which is imported from Germany. The characteristics of imported beech are: stable wood performance, color aberration, scarring, waterline, core material and other defects have very good control, belong to the middle and high grade furniture wood.

Art kids easel varnish coloring, retaining the pattern of beech, beautiful and generous. Tenon technology, no burying nail, hand all-round grinding, blind touch and the whole wood no difference.

Chalk writing with high quality green board, soft non-reflective, protect children's eyesight. Write clear and no dust. Whiteboard with whiteboard pen or watercolor pen, easy to wipe.

Art kids easel whiteboard has high-quality hardware board clip, two side tray, deposit color pen, board wipe, etc. Net pocket is used for reel paper.