High wooden baby chair
Details are introduced

Wooden baby chair is a solid wood baby chair. Made of German beech.

The back of the wooden baby chair fits the baby's body curve, in accordance with the ergonomic design. Fully for the baby's comfort and safety considerations.

The wooden baby chair is round and round corner design, all the components are three times polished, twice sprayed, smooth without burrs, to avoid harm to the baby.

The base is quadrilateral, the contact area with the ground is increased, the main body of the dining chair and the base are oblique, and the triangular structure increases the overall stability of the dining chair.

The wooden baby chair bottom with anti-slip device, moving will not hurt the floor, can also increase friction with the ground, safe and stable.

Seat belt on the board to prevent the baby from sliding. The pedal is adjustable and suitable for children of different ages. Install the plate and the baby learns to eat by himself. When the baby grows up, he can remove the plate and leave only the guardrail to protect him. Put the dining chair at the table, eat with the adults, form a good habit of concentrating on eating. Take down the plate and guardrail, can make adult chair. So this is a real growth chair.