Details are introduced

Beech folding stool


German beech, strong hardness, comparable to mahogany, good load-bearing performance, good compression resistance, beech has a special, like overlapping wave tips of the delicate "pagoda grain."


European standard for export environmental protection paint, non-toxic, non-irritating smell, good permeability and water-resistant wear-resistant, anti-aging, full and flexible film.


Classic design style generous, reasonable structure durable.


Professional equipment production, dimension standard, one-piece forming groove mortise structure technology, increased the adhesive area. Green white latex, more solid.


The size of the product is 33 ~ 24 ~ 33 cm with a folding thickness of 9 cm. The size is measured by hand and there is a small error.


We are a solid wood furniture factory, product size and material can be changed according to the need.