round wooden coffee table
Details are introduced

Making a good furniture makes us the purest original intention, is the adherence that cannot see, but also our company management idea from the end of the day.


Round coffee table, simple Nordic style, enjoy every moment of life warm. Stay away from bustling urban life and combine personality with nature to show extraordinary inspiration. It is easy to control all kinds of environment.


Solid wood material, no cracking, no deformation. It is made up of a large piece of material and a large plate. The material is much used and the weight is heavy. Maintain the original characteristics and texture, moisture-proof scrape easy to clean.


Smooth and delicate desktop, using environmentally friendly and healthy materials, carefully selected, after grinding and cutting multi-process, made. Circular corner grinding, safe and secure use. The edge and angle of the product are polished with circular design, full of curve beauty and excellent design.


Stable transportation, high-quality hardware, the bottom of the use of high-quality hardware, not only gravity, enhance the stability and durability of the coffee table.


Solid wood tea table legs, unique shape, novel style. Tea table foot is made of solid wood, square polishing treatment round smooth, unique shape, novel style, sturdy and durable.