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Children's Chair Use Precautions
Sep 11, 2017

To ensure the safety of children, to avoid letting children sit alone on the chair. In addition, the use of children's chairs also pay attention to the following points:

1, in strict accordance with the instructions to assemble children's chairs, instructions or warnings on the product described in the prohibited action must not do.

2, according to the use of different age groups or height differences in children to adjust the appropriate backrest angle, pedal height, with different height of the table using different stalls to adjust the height.

3, do not let the children can not stand to use the dining chair.

4, if it is a folding child dining chair, please ensure that the folding device before use firmly locked; not used when the dining chair folded away from the child.

5, set the seat belt of the chair, please follow the warning content "at any time, the child should be tied to the correct fixed and adjusted safety strap", must be used in the seat belt;

6, in accordance with the instructions described in the regular cleaning, maintenance chairs.