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Crib Pine Is Good Or Solid Wood
Sep 11, 2017

Crib can be divided into: solid wood crib (no paint two), bamboo crib, rattan crib, a variety of materials mixed crib.

Solid wood crib There are two kinds of pine in the country to do raw materials, New Zealand pine and Pinus sylvestris, New Zealand pine wood is easy to plan the light, while the Pinus sylvestris is harder, slightly worse finish.

European-style crib made of pine, fir and beech.

Pine: pine texture simple, clear texture, color and elegant, elegant color, and thus the furniture by the United Nations Ministry of Human Resources as environmentally friendly furniture. Born with special anti-bruise performance, the distribution of natural rosin, is recognized as the world's most suitable for baby furniture, high-grade wood.

Cedar: Cedar wood itself, the texture is clear and delicate, beautiful lines, natural woody can inhibit the production of bacteria and kill bacteria in the air, but the fir furniture is easy to dry, deformation, was Qin color.

Beech: Beech wood furniture wear-resistant, shiny, are high-grade rare wood, a collection of value. But in the case of dry prone to cracks and deformation, affecting the appearance and use, and the higher prices, the current use of beech raw materials to produce cribs generally high prices.