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How To Buy Children's Dining Chair
Sep 11, 2017

First, the chair to the child's safety and security. Children's chair base should be large enough, stable, chair is not easy to tilt; chair to be equipped with seat belts and can adjust the elastic.

Second, the chair to the children's sitting to help. The baby is sitting comfortably for body development. Backrest angle can be adjusted to facilitate the baby can be extended forward and backward; chair seat height adjustable, easy to use with a different height of the table; pedal is also best adjustable, can adapt to different height children.

Third, the choice of dining chair to children's growth is beneficial. First of all to consider the material of environmental non-toxic, such as trays and other accessories are plastic, should try to use food-grade white PP plastic, hot water after the deformation. The color fastness of the dyed textiles should be not less than 4; secondly, if it is made of solid wood, it is recommended to choose non-painted solid wood, while the edge of the chair is not sharp, no burr. Do not recommend children under 10 months using wooden chairs, because the wooden chairs are poorly resilient, the baby has just learned to stand, the weak spine needs good protection.

Fourth, the choice of dining chair to consider the convenience. Baby use the dining chair when the food is easy to sprinkle food on the cloth or plate, the proposed use of removable cloth sets, plates, and cloth sets, easy to clean the plate material; to facilitate dining when dining chair, the proposed use of wheels And equipped with a brake lock device chair; if the home space is not large, it is recommended to use folding chair, remember to check the folding device firmness, so as to avoid accidental folding folder during use to the child.

Five is to choose the high reputation of the brand. Preferred to buy reputable, good user experience, a perfect after-sales service chair brand, so that the consumer's consumption process more secure, you can let the children get safe and comfortable dining quality. While the brand dining chair long life, more in line with economic efficiency.

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