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How To Choose A Crib?
Sep 11, 2017

Crib is a place dedicated to resting for infants, allowing babies to sleep quietly and comfortably. At the same time, the baby can sleep alone can also develop infant independence, can promote family relationships, let the baby breathe fresh air. And the current market, the sales of crib more, so parents want to know the cot pine or solid wood is good?

Look for material.

Crib is the best solid wood, and the wood to be thick, some of the bed is relatively strong and durable, but also very beautiful. But also to choose no paint pure solid wood, so to avoid the paint containing formaldehyde poisoning baby. Look at the material to be carefully identified when the solid wood or composite board

Smell the smell.

Some poor cribs are also clamor to do with solid wood, but close to the smell of pungent, indicating the use of poor quality wood, or mixed with foreign matter inside, or the surface brush a layer of khaki paint to pretend solid wood.

Touch it.

Baby in the bed often touch the small hand, if there are wood thorns will be tied to the baby hand, adults will be very distressed So be careful to see how the crib grinding process, the surface is smooth without wood thorns. In addition, some babies will bite the edge of the bed, so when asked to buy a good anti-bite protective cover, so as not to hurt the baby deciduous teeth.

See the degree of solidarity.

Crib safe to be very good, so the baby can feel at ease to sleep inside. So take a closer look at the small bed at the junction of how strong, you can gently shaking the small bed to determine whether the strong. Be careful to see every screw, whether it is tight enough to see if there is no gap.

Buy multi-functional.

General baby cots do not take 1-2 years baby do not like to sleep, so easy to cause waste. And if you choose a multi-functional crib, you can let the baby continue to use, such as can swing, can play the game, with storage, with mosquito nets, but also into a small desk and so on, so powerful, Baby can be used for several years.

Choose the right height.

Crib's railing height is also important, the height of the railing is generally higher than the mattress 30 to 50 cm is appropriate. If it is too low, wait until the child can grasp the railing standing, at any time to climb the railing out of danger; if the railing is too high, parents picked up or put down the baby is not convenient.