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How To Choose Wood For Custom Furniture?
Sep 11, 2017

A lot of people is limited to the economy and the limitation of the condition of the bedroom, or for a personality style, and are not satisfied to sell furniture on the market, to design production (or ask others), this is the custom furniture, so the custom furniture is involved in the choice of timber and plywood manufacturing furniture for problem, here are some basic knowledge.

General furniture wood to choose the water asperses, red pine, birch, chu wood to wait for more, and the plywood is made with basswood, build bai, water asperses is appropriate. In addition to the wood species, the most important selection of wood is the texture, texture and color.

Custom furniture

1. Should see if the wood material is normal, if the part of the wood surface is light yellow or white, with the fingernail a row of sawdust, the wood has been rotten, can not be used. The plywood should also see whether it has the appearance of gelatine, mildew, bubbling, deformation and bad side, etc., if the above defects should not be selected.

2. If the texture of the wood is straight, the wood with straight grain is easy to cut, and the furniture surface is smooth and easy to deform.

3. The texture and color of wood and plywood can be selected according to the method of surface decoration according to the furniture. If like light color or natural clear water furniture (namely dew grain coating), should choose the wood that colour is lighter, colour and lustre is consistent, wood grain clear and beautiful lumber and plywood. If plan to paint dark water furniture, choose wood grain clear beautiful lumber and plywood can. It doesn't matter if you're going to paint or paste the color and texture of PVC film, wood and plywood.

4. Timber and plywood should be scar section, crack free of pests and less as far as possible, the moisture content should not be too high (southern China is about 18%, about 13%) in the north, variant or otherwise made furniture furniture is easy to crack. Such as purchase logs, according to the materials of furniture even bark saw log into certain specifications of the panel, several pieces of strapping or stacked, each intermediate fang mat wood, flat in a dry and ventilated place air buy more than half a year again used to make furniture, so the custom furniture is not easy to be out of shape, craze or warp.