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How To Maintain Wooden Furniture
Sep 11, 2017

To protect the wooden furniture, you must know the characteristics of the wood first. Wood has the characteristic of thermal expansion and contraction, so wooden furniture cannot be put in high temperature or damp place, should place in dry ventilated place.

Before the new furniture is used, it is better to wipe the floor wax, then wipe the light with a dry soft cloth to protect the paint layer.

To protect the shiny and bright furniture, make two points:

1. Often use the rice water to wipe with soft cloth, so that it is easy and bright.

2. Often use cotton or soft cloth to dip in low concentration of alcohol or liquor. Should be careful not to let grease get on the furniture surface normally, if be touched grease, should be in time with soft cloth dip in white wine to erase. But do not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, to avoid painting.

If furniture surface is hot dish bowl or hot cup of hot tea hot white, can use alcohol or flower dew to wipe, if the time is long, the trace is old, want to use floor wax to wipe.

Protect wooden furniture, and guard against rats, bugs, and white ants. Put some prickly ash in the floor, wall and drawer of the furniture to prevent the rat from biting. At the foot of furniture 5-6 centimeters tall wood block, asperse a bit of lime around, not only can prevent termite moth-eaten, still can have moistureproof effect.