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How To Prevent Insects From Wooden Furniture?
Nov 03, 2018

In decoration or after as much as possible spray insect-proof water, purchase of pure wood furniture must be sure to be treated with pest prevention. In spring and summer, it is best to have mosquito nets when opening windows. If a white worm appears to be sprayed, the common methods are:

1. Coating treatment. For some unharmed corners, paint such as raw tung oil, shellac or varnish are used to brush the surfaces of wooden cabinets, so that the borers are isolated from the air, and the purpose of moth prevention is achieved. Note that, in painting, both sides and wooden cabinets should be painted evenly inside the wall.

2, medicament treatment. When wood cabinets are damaged by insects, dichlorvos and water can be used to form the medicine liquid. The spray can be completely sprayed with a sprayer, allowing the liquid to infiltrate into the wooden cabinet. It should be sprayed continuously for 5 times. After 1 hour, all the borers can be killed. After that, wash the wooden cabinet with clean water and dry it.

3. Rub with diesel oil. On sunny days, put the worm-eaten wooden cabinets in the morning sun and dip them in diesel oil with brush or cotton yarn. Insolate 2-3 hours again, then insolate, to see the worm die in the hole can. Then wash with detergent and dry. In addition, the maintenance of solid wood furniture is also very important. Solid wood furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight. It is easy to fade or fall off for too long, and away from air conditioning and heater at the same time. Air-conditioned rooms should be placed in several pots of flowers or fish tanks to maintain indoor humidity to avoid the absorption of water on the furniture. Place items on furniture with a layer of soft film and gently hold it in the vertical direction To avoid damage to the surface of furniture, if there are scratches on the surface should be timely professional repair. The foot of furniture should be placed rubber pad to avoid moving back and forth by? Do not drag when moving, drag, avoid uneven force on the furniture and damage. Wipe furniture cloth should be clean, soft, do not leave water on the furniture or watermark.