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How To Spot Solid Wood?
Jan 05, 2018

There are five ways to spot solid wood

1.Weight & Price

Genuine solid wood is sturdy, so don’t be tricked by “lightweight solid pieces” offered at a suspiciously cheap price.


Run your fingers across the surface, if you can feel the grain and the sides and drawers all match the top surface with the grain, you may be looking at 100% solid wood.


Not all woods are created equal, and some furniture is made of wood that is not up to snuff. Try scratching a line with your fingernail – if this makes a dent then you don’t want to imagine what kitchen utensils, hot pans, and sliding plates will do!


Solid wood can be carved to create beautiful lines and curved designs within itself, a quality that wood veneer does not possess. Be aware that solid wood carvings can be mounted on wood veneer surfaces.

5.No Cover Ups

There should not be any edge banding on a solid wood piece. Banding is mainly used to cover unfinished edges of wood veneer and/or the underlying materials to which the veneer is applied. Another method is to use a piece of solid wood trim to similarly hide the cut ends of a veneer surface.