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Single Bed Purchase Instructions
Sep 11, 2017

According to industry standard, the specification of single bed is the following: 80* 180; 80 * 190; 90 * 200; 100 * 200 (cm). Specific can be selected according to individual height and weight condition.

1. Material selection: the leather bed is not usually made of real leather. The real leather has the taste of formaldehyde residue, which is harmful to the body, and is difficult to remove in 8-10 years. The soft bed of cloth art is more professional, in environmental protection and comfortable sex above all better; And wooden bed, try to choose quality to compare pass, otherwise it is very difficult to ensure healthy and environmental protection.

2. Color selection: in choosing the color, try to avoid the color that is too showy, and choose fresh and elegant color for the best. At the same time, under the bed, try not to hide the lockers, because the lockers can bring some pollution to a certain extent.

3. The selection of bed frame: as the old saying goes, "rise to the ground", thus the purchase of the bed frame plays a crucial role in the selection of the whole bed. Must pay attention to the above all is the quality of the bedstead, lift the mattress, will see the wooden bed board, uniform bed board, in the process of sleep, casually turn can avoid a lot of noise, keep the quality of sleep.

4. Reasonable bed height: modern choice of bed, generally including bedstead and mattress two parts. In general, a high-quality bed should have the following characteristics: first, the stable performance is better, and there will be no shaking in the sleep; Second, the shape should be bright, the lines should be natural; Third, the area of the head of the bed should be done more leniently, and should make certain characteristic; Finally, the traditional bed height is generally 40 cm, and the current popular bed, with the appearance of the mattress after only 20 cm, under normal circumstances the height of the choice between the two values is right!