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Solid Wood Dining Table And Chair Purchase And Maintenance
Sep 11, 2017

Table and chair of green solid wood dining room furniture will introduce the choice of wood dining table and chair for you:

(1) materials: the leg column material is a key and should be free of splitting, worm, rot and other phenomena. Each leg should be on the same level, stable and stable.

(2) structural shape: the structure should be correct and conform to the visual habits of the person, and should not be skewed. Moron is important, the structure wants prison, do not shake, do not deform, do not deform, glue joint is not degummed, do not loose glue, joint seam is tight, do not have the phenomenon of uneven, modelling beautiful.

(3) lacquer face: the paint surface is bright and clean, the color is rich and clear, fresh and pleasing to the eye, without the defect of flow hanging, foaming, wrinkling and white defect, the pattern should be clear and consistent, symmetrical and harmonious.

The function of solid wood dining table and chair: after the solid wood jointing paint, the surface has no glue joint and the uneven appearance of the strip, and the physical performance is relatively stable in the long term.

The utilization of wood is high, which conforms to the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials. So in terms of use and texture color, solid wood plywood decorative board is more suitable for the use and decoration of furniture

Although the amount of sheet solid wood puzzle glue than solid wood puzzle, but due to the double cladding surface protection of thick veneer, and quadrilateral thick veneer edge banding only two sides actually eight glue line, so solid wood puzzle in adhesive glue line through volatile chemicals is far lower than solid wood puzzle wide and solid wood line, the amount of volatile, greener and healthier.

Advantages of real wood chair: the graininess of the biggest advantage is to like nature itself and change the natural color, but real wood furniture is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, and easy to absorb dust in the wood texture, therefore, the best on the temperature and humidity appropriate environment, as far as possible away from the location of the air flow is stronger, more do not put in central heating near or under the sun. Next, the dining table and chair prompts you to choose the dining table and chair condition to be based on the area of the dining room. If the restaurant area is very big, can choose rich and heavy sense, with the space match, the dining table and chair that area is moderate; If the dining area is limited, and the number of diners is not certain, you can choose a folding or telescopic dining table. Second want to look at style, the style of dining table and chair is best and the decoration collocation of dining-room is appropriate, if can not be determined, the table of the best chooses the style consistent. In relative shape, the round table fits the smaller square dining room, and the democratic atmosphere of the family is more intense.

The daily maintenance of real wood dining table and chair: real wood table is favored, but how should the daily maintenance and maintenance of the table be done? The biggest advantage of solid wood dining table and chair is that it is made of wood grain, and the natural color with many changes. Because real wood is constantly breathing organism, it is suggested that placed in temperature and humidity appropriate environment, at the same time must avoid overheating beverage, chemicals, or objects placed on the surface, so as to avoid damage on the surface of the wood natural color. If the resistance of material, when dirt is large, suggest using diluted neutral detergent with warm water to wipe a first, try again with clear water clean, remember with soft dry cloth to wipe the remnants from water damage, after being completely wipe, then use maintenance wax polish, even if you're done, only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, to make solid wood furniture.