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Solid Wood Door To Buy Skills
Sep 11, 2017

To buy a house decorate, besides furniture, solid wood door is also one of the very important item, as people demand for aesthetic and life quality, more owners abandoned before the understanding of the opposite, more to choose door of completely real wood.

"Look", mainly for the original wooden door color choice. We know that there are many kinds of wooden doors in the market, but the most are solid wood compound doors and original wooden doors. General advanced solid wood compound door, its door core is high quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. The original wooden door is made from the natural log of the forest, without filling. The two kinds of wooden doors are not very different from the appearance, but if you want to distinguish between the solid wood and the original wooden door, it is not irregular. The original wooden door, because the original wooden door is the whole block wood make, so can be judged by the front and back grain of the wooden door. If the original wooden door, the positive and negative texture of the door will be consistent and consistent with each other.

Second, original wooden door is good and not good, still have to look at wooden door to use lacquer, high-grade original wood door USES lacquer commonly use PU lacquer, the adhesion force is strong, and transparent level is good. In the color of the paint, the color of the wooden door and your bedroom style design and tonal cooperation. This requires that we should pay special attention to the color of the original wooden door and the color of the wall and the color of the furniture. If not too master, as long as the color of the door is close to a "general environment" can, or ground or furniture or adornment, then again differ in detail, such assurance can't go wrong.

Smell: pay attention to the health and environmental protection of the original wooden door

"Smell" means the smell of the original wooden door. In today's highly developed science and technology, synthetic materials is becoming more and more solid wood composite door because the door core filling and components such as the joining together of need to use large amount of chemicals such as glue, and these substances emit poisonous gas of methanol which cause serious damage to our health.

And the material of the original wooden door such as wooden house is made of good log, the original wooden door is stitched together little unfilled material, healthy and environmental protection. So we can from the smell of wooden doors are solid wood composite door or the original wood door a simple judgment, if the smell is not the light from the surface of wood scent, replaced by a strong paint smell, so only two kinds of circumstances, or is not really the original wood door, either inferior the original wood door.

Ask: pay attention to the understanding and comparison of the details of the original wooden door

At present, the original wooden door in the market is different from wood and processing mode, most of the original wooden door is difficult to guarantee in stability. Wooden house LaoQiu tell us, science of wood processing, can guarantee to reduce the deformation coefficient of wood, wooden door structure more solid and durable, satisfies the requirement of different climate environment. So we should take questions when choosing wooden doors. What kind of wood is used for this kind of original wooden door? Where does it come from? How do you deal with the finished product?

"Cut" is to choose from the original wooden door. The material of the doors made by the original wooden door is the same tree and is the same inside and outside. And all adopt modification material, do not deform, do not crack, do not have to connect and stick skin. Also on the wood door surface of the carved pattern on the road, the carved flower is exquisite, whether the float line has the feel of the wood door quality high and low. So we are buying log door, can use the finger to gently slide the turning interface of the door and carve patterns, see whether the wooden door interface has a splicing, cracking, whether the carving is rough.

At the same time, we can also tap when buying the original wooden door, wooden door's voice is ringing, log and other wood material or contain filler composite door knocking sound is more depressing. The laoqiu of wooden house also reminds the majority of consumers, when choosing wooden door to like to choose heavy, this is actually a big consumption mistake. Since compound wooden door is filled with different materials, it cannot be judged by its weight.