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Why Choose A Crib?
Feb 07, 2018

In order to cultivate their baby's ability to be independent, many parents will sleep separately after two months, letting the baby sleep in a crib. However, some parents feel that it will be inconvenient for their baby to sleep in the crib. Do not agree to buy a baby crib, so is the crib useful? It's good for a baby to sleep in a crib.

First, the crib can avoid the child's excessive dependence on the mother, develop his good habit of independence, sleep with adults after a long period of natural dependence on adults, and then separate the mother and the baby are very uncomfortable.

Second, it is very dangerous to avoid that adults will press the baby while sleeping at night, or cover the child's head carelessly when they cover the quilt. The guardrail around the crib can effectively prevent the child from falling down. The injury caused by the fall was avoided.

Third, sleeping separately with parents is good for children's breathing, air circulation, and sleep quality.

The baby sleeps the crib, can help the baby to cultivate the independent ability, also can give the baby a comfortable sleep environment, therefore, advises the parents not to dote your baby excessively, the baby learns the independence the first step, starts from the crib!